Swiss Finance Museum Fills Unique Niche to Promote Financial Literacy

Amid educational events occurring around the world for IOSCO’s World Investor Week, John Lothian News spoke to the director of the Swiss Finance Museum at the Swiss exchange about the museum and what they are doing to promote financial literacy.

JLN interviewed Andrea Weidemann, director of the Swiss Finance Museum about the history of the museum and what it is trying to accomplish. She said the finance museum is unique in Switzerland, especially for a country that has 1,111 museums of all different kinds.

She talked about how, when the SIX exchange converted to electronic trading, there was concern investors would not have any idea about what paper stock certificates looked like any more, so the museum set about collecting and preserving them.

The museum also focuses on education, Weidemann says, and works with school children of all ages to help them learn about the markets.

She spoke about how the museum addresses the keen interest young people have in digital assets and how commodity interests and other instruments are taught.

Weidemann also spoke about the importance of financial literacy and how improved financial literacy could have improved the outcome of the 2008 financial crisis, according to research.

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