Beginners guide to personal finance

A common personal finance mistake we all make is not starting to invest early, even if we can. Maybe it’s because of the youthful naïveté, but early on in our careers, we think that saving small amounts doesn’t matter. We don’t realize that even small amounts compounded over long periods of time will grow into large sums. At a very reductive level, the secret to personal finance is simple:
1. Start early.
2. Invest regularly.
3. Stay invested for the longest time possible.
After a few decades, the value of your investments will be enough to give you a heart attack (in a good way 😀).

In this introductory video of the personal finance module, Karthik shares his own mistake early in his career and explains why understanding the effect of time on investing is the secret sauce of investing.

Follow along for the rest of the series, and do checkout the personal finance module on Varsity: As we go along, you will be ready to take charge and start your personal finance journey.

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