become a live chat assistant

We have a job opening for someone from all countries to be a paid live chat assistant, starting right away.

While searching our database for possible candidates, you came up as a good fit.

If you are interested and available we will be able to get you trained, working and have the first pay-check for you within days. 

Click here to complete the process if you are interested.

A few details about the job…

Job description: You will be doing live chat support for various businesses on social media channels. So this means chatting to customers on Facebook and Instagram chat and helping them with purchases. 

Pay: $35 an hour.

Location: This is remote work, so you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Requirements: You will need an internet connection, a tablet or laptop to work from, a minimum availability of 5 hours a week, and the enthusiasm to get stuck in and earn yourself some additional money!

Experience: If you have your own social media accounts and know how to use the messaging functions on them then you’re good to go. We’ll provide you with the rest of the training you’ll need.

If you’re interested, please let us know ASAP, because if you’re not we’ll need to pass this job onto the next available candidate.

Click here to apply now.

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