The Science Behind Ejaculation Frequency: Is More Actually Better?

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The Science Behind Ejaculation Frequency: Is More Actually Better?

In this video Jonathan from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses sperm production, storage, as well as a common question he gets from students: What happens to sperm cells if they are not not released? He also explores whether frequent release holds any health benefits, and discusses if there is a connection between consistent ejaculation and risk of prostate cancer—a topic that’s sure to leave you intrigued. Get ready for a deep dive into the world of male reproductive health—it’s going to be an epic journey!


0:00 – 0:51 Intro
0:52 – 1:57 How Sperm Is Produced & Protected
1:58 – 2:44 Sperm Stored In a 20 Foot Long Tube!
2:45 – 5:22 What Happens If Sperm Are Not Released
5:23 – 6:39 The Potential Benefits of Consistent Ejaculation.
6:40 – 8:20 Does the Number of Ejaculations Matter?
8:21 – 9:49 What Does This Mean For Prostate Cancer?
9:50 – 10:32 Support The Channel!




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